An Exclusive One-on-One with The Man himself, Santa Claus!


*“It’s the love that we show to each other that really counts. It’s the caring we show.  It’s the making of a new friend — that’s what Christmas is.  Gifts are great, but the greatest gift we can give to anyone is the giving of ourselves.”   -Santa Claus

The whole family will want to read this one!

After watching Miracle On 34th Street (call me a heretic, but I prefer the 1994 remake), I set out to land the Yuletide interview to end all Yuletide interviews: an exclusive chat with THE MAN himself, Santa Claus.  Not surprisingly, repeated calls to Kris Kringle’s North Pole headquarters went straight to voicemail.   I couldn’t find him on Twitter or Facebook, either, but I finally tracked his publicist down via one of his helpers at the local mall.

With Santa’s schedule being so hectic this month, I was thrilled when I got the green light for a pre-holiday face-to-face chat.  His publicist had originally proposed an interview sometime after Christmas, but I convinced her that neither you nor I would have cared less about THAT. By December 26, it’s either party time with the new toys, or stew over that lump of coal and start dreaming about what might be next year.

I found myself really nervous about finally talking with someone that I’ve been trying to catch since I was a kid. I found Santa to be very friendly – a right jolly old elf, in fact – and as honest and forthright as he wants us all to be.

Although his belly still shakes when he laughs (like a bowlful of jelly), I was surprised to learn that Kringle has made some changes since his “chocolate chip cookie” heyday.  For example, I learned that contrary to Coca-Cola’s perennial advertising campaign, Santa’s a Dr. Pepper man!

I also learned that Rudolph‘s nose pulls double duty on Christmas Eve — it serves as a GPS! — and you will be shocked to learn what Santa’s favorite Christmas song is — the old dude’s still got a little freak left in him!  He also told me that he prefers Android to Apple, and is routing for Batman to beat Superman in the upcoming movie.

Click here to read the full, exclusive interview — and if you have kids, show it to them. You’ll find that, according to Kringle, it’s never too late to turn things around — and have a very Merry Christmas.

This article was written by freelance writer Michael P Coleman.  He loves to tweet in his spare time.

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