Watch This Woman Knock A Dude ‘the Phuck Out’ After He Pinches Her Butt!

Chris in Friday

*Y’all betta recognize. In any language that warning stands true. Just ask the man who decided to test his testosterone and walk up to a complete stranger, a woman, and pinch her on the butt.

Ask him when he ‘comes to’ that is. Because as Chris Tucker said in ‘Friday’ – “He got knocked the phuck out!”

The scene took place in Inezgane, Morocco, and was reported by the Morocco World News. The unsuspecting woman was standing next to a motorcycle minding her own damn business when the man casually walks by, and pinches her on the butt in the process.

What makes her one-punch-knockout even funnier, is the fact that she is an older woman. It appears even the men in the frame got a kick out of it as one looks like he’s giving her a ‘thumbs up!’

Don’t try this mess ‘at home,’ fellas. You liable to get shot!

Check out the video below. It’s probably safe to assume he won’t be trying this move anytime soon.

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