Cheaters Beware! This Could Be You! (Photos You Gotta See!)


*The only thing worse than a bad breakup, is the fact that your significant other did the ultimate taboo: cheated. No ifs, and’s, or buts about it – nobody likes to learn about this, unless they have so little value for themselves or the relationship.

So when I ran across some of the things folks did to revenge their cheating partner, I felt it was my civic duty to share it with you.

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Its all in fun right? (Heh. Heh. Heh she laughs…wickedly).

In this first “reveal,” a tatto artist named Ryan
Fitzgerald was sued for $100,000 by his girlfriend. But wouldn’t you scratch your head wondering why she would trust him to do something so permanent as a tattoo on her AFTER she caught him cheating? But anyway…He was supposed to re-create a scene from the beautiful fantasy movie “Narnia” on her back – but look what he did instead.

…A tattoo showing a PILE OF POOP with flies circling it. Damn!

poop tattoo

 And the strange thing about being caught cheating, is that the one who was cheated on will spare no expense in paying your ass back. Like this public display confirms…

billboard, cheater


And not that we don’t have you sports junkies covered. As they say in some circles, “We got chu!” Talking about kickin’ a guy in his nuts without a cup. Ouch.

game screen shot, cheaters

Now this revenge below could get somebody seriously hurt. People are certifiably crazy and the emotion that took over and caused the “victim” to do this…well, let’s just say she should have thought the sh*t through because, this is definitely a cause that will NOT produce a beneficial effect for either of them.

car spraypainted, cheater

Or how about this ‘property tagger’…


OMG. Are you kidding me? This dude was so incensed by his cheating wife he burnt the house down…and left a note admitting to it.


HERE IT IS AGAIN. I had to revisit this first picture (seen below).

OK, after seeing that last person’s car and boat all marked up, I thought that was the end-all of end all’s. But nuh-uh. As egoistic as men are about their “business” – something like this might really push them over the edge.

cheater-8 Oh god. I’m dyin’ with laughter over here. And I’ll bet by now you must be hooked too. So you have got to see the rest of these Revenge Pictures.

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In all seriousness folks, going to extremes such as some of the revenge tactics here only ends up getting you in trouble. Whether its defacing someone’s property, tarnishing a person’s name or harming them, the gratification is only temporary and truly not worth it. Whatever your belief system is, there is one thing you should know: These people always get what’s coming to them. Whether you are there to witness it or not.

Bottom line: Let it be.

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