Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of: Employer Gives $100K Christmas Bonus…to Everybody


*To be completely transparent with you right now, I’m feeling a bit dizzy. I don’t know, it began to happen just after I finished typing the title. I think it was too much for me to process.

An employer giving each of his or her employees…at all levels…a Christmas bonus SO big, its going to knock them into a higher tax bracket?

Nah, you say.

Uh-huh! Hilcorp is a privately-held oil and natural gas company – one of the largest in America in fact. And has been around since 1989. This year, as a thank you to their hard-working employees, the Houston-based company will give each of their 1,380 employees a $100,000 Christmas Bonus.

Chew on that.

The company has been ranked as one of the “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” by Fortune Magazine. And according to the same publication, they are one of the top companies to work for.

Blessed are the ‘givers’ of the world! In 2010, after reaching their five-year goals, Hilcorp celebrated by giving each employee the sum of $35,000. or a $50,000 car.

And to be clear, these bonuses are given to employees irregardless of their position (so yes, the receptionists, clerks and custodians too!).

So just imagine. Your supervisor calls you in…oh hell, let’s just say there is a series of emergency staff meetings (after all, the employee list stands at 1,380 right now). And the first order of business is…

You get a car! You get a car! You get $35,000!!!

Hilcorp staff
Hilcorp staff

Especially when you come to. And, rubbing your head you realize the news is true. Not a dream.

Now you may better understand the dizziness I spoke of earlier.

Come to think of it, I wonder how many employees passed out when they were given the news.

“Lawd have mercy! All my bills paid!!!”

money gif

Of course the staff that stuck around at Hilcorp after the first giveaway, can share their stories of how they were there when this elaborate Bonus happened five years ago. Only THIS time, the price has gone up!

You secretly vow to NEVER leave this company.

But if you find that you absolutely must, after this article hits the Internet, you might all of a sudden have a long list of friends ready to step in to fill your shoes.

The Society For Human Resource Management brings the rest of us back to reality though. It states that seven out of 10 Americans will not receive a Christmas bonus.

Reasons? The short answer. It all boils down to the economy.

Hey Hilcorp: you hiring?

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