ATL Man Jumps from Balcony to Escape Home Invaders, Dies from His Injuries (Video)

Jose Greer
Jose Greer

*This just burns me up and breaks my heart at the same time. Double jeopardy. In a desperate attempt to get away from people trying to break into his apartment, an Atlanta man ran to his balcony and jumped from its 3rd floor. And while he was conscious following the fall, he later succumbed from the injuries he sustained during the attempt.

Jose Greer, 51, had managed to reach 911 and communicate as he lay broken on the ground, according to Fox 5 News. But he died six hours later during surgery at Grady Memorial Hospital; where he is said to have suffered a fractured pelvis, broken arms, broken legs and other internal injuries.

“He actually was conscious enough to tell the responding officer that he jumped in fear of his safety,” said Atlanta Police Major Adam Lee.

Police suspect the home invaders may have accidentally targeted Greer’s apartment.

“There is no indication that Mr. Greer was doing anything other than minding his own business,” Lee said.

Video surveillance shows they were able to enter the secure building after someone left the gate open. It appears they took an elevator to Greer’s 3rd floor condo, and after the first of three perpetrators entered his unit, he opened the door for his accomplices.

Jose Greer was a sales executive who also served his community. He partnered with 100 Black Men in Atlanta.

The thieves appeared to be looking for something specific, and left television sets and an iPad behind – escaping with a container of coins and some business cards.

They are said to have coolly walked out of the building; stopping only to glance at the victim lying on the ground, before moving on.

“We believe they would have had to walk right past Mr. Greer,” said Major Lee during a press conference.

According to neighbors, “suspicious people” had been seen coming and going from another condo unit on another floor.

“I can’t think of anything that would have made him a target there,” condo President Maurice Gunter told 11 Alive News.

Ernest Greer, the decedent’s brother, called him “a great man” and tells the media his brother had just gotten home from work and was at the table, eating fruit, when he heard men attempting to kick down his door.

Jose Greer (L) with younger brother, Ernest Greer
Jose Greer (L) with younger brother, Ernest Greer

With the help of an an anonymous donor,  a reward now totals $35,000 for anyone who can provide information on the case.

The public is asked to call the Atlanta Police or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS. All calls can be anonymous.

Watch Jose Greer’s brother speak to the media in the video below. At the end of the news cast, which shows the three men entering the bldg., we hear the female newscaster say that she is friends with the family and sends her condolences.

A point I mention as it brings attention to how difficult it is for media professionals who must remain that way, even when reporting on news that “hits home.”

My condolences to the Greer family, and the news anchor.

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