Da-YUM! Man Snaps Photo of Huge Lizard Climbing His Wall!!!



*Well, the alligator pictured above at the door was just to get your attention. And though its some scary stuff I will save commentary on for another day, I didn’t want to show you the HUGE lizard climbing the wall right out da gate! I’ve got to set it up for you first. Apparently, Florida is not the only place that has an overflow of reptiles running wild and showing up at the weirdest times and places. And if the Aussie man hadn’t snapped a photo of a giant lizard climbing his wall (scroll down) and then shared the photo on Facebook and followed up in an interview with The Sydney Morning HeraldI’m not so sure I would’ve believed it.

All I can say is DaYUM! Look at the size of that sucka!

The man told the SMH that he was in his shed when he heard a weird noise outside. He came out just in time to see a giant lizard scurrying across his yard. He was like Holy Sh*t…(words from my overactive mind, not his lips) or something to that effect. He then went back to his business in the shed.

But then he heard a louder sound against his house and went to investigate.

THIS is what he saw climbing on the wall of his home (shown below!)


What I want to know is, where in the HELL was it trying to go?

Dude says the louder sound he heard was the tail of this thing banging against the drain pipe. And he told the SMH that in all of the 18 years he has lived there, he had never seen anything like this!

Is it any surprise that the photo went viral on social media?

According to the SMH,  the lizard is a Lace monitor, aka Lace goanna and it can grow up to 7 feet and weigh up to 45 pounds. This particular species is 5 feet long.

I’ll bet whoever came out to capture this sucka has got a story to tell, too! And did they put it back in its natural habitat (where the hell is that? What lake is safe for a row boat with something like THAT roaming around in it?)

Lawd have mercy.



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