Woman Went on Vacation…And Left Dog at Home With No Food or Water


*I am opening this up with a SMH. How does one find the words to adequately express the true feelings of rage at the kind of selfish, heartless, brazen audacity it takes to leave your pet at home alone with no food or water as you go out of town on vacation.

Of course one can assume the owner “forgot.” But that would only make an already bad situation even worse. How do you FORGET YOUR CHILD?

Oh, I’ve found the words.

I hope this owner has the worst time ever on her vacation. I hope her money is stolen, along with all of her credit cards. I hope her drinks are watered down and she gets sick from the food she eats.

I hope an insect bites her and causes her to get bumps all over her body…especially her face. I hope the bed she has a hard time sleeping in has bugs and the pillow she rests her head on puts lice in her hair.

I hope she acquires an incurable case of bad breath…that will make her boyfriend leave her.

Call me all the  names you want for saying this. You mess with animals, you get my wrath. Period.

Thank goodness for neighbors who learned of the dying dog and called police. The woman lives in Seville, Spain. And though she had her vacay well-planned, she obviously didn’t take the time to make arrangements for her pet. So she simply abandoned the dog.

Hell, she probably didn’t even leave a window cracked.

Andaluces Diario reports that when the pet was finally discovered, it was terribly malnourished (see photo above) and was “in a room filled with garbage and feces with no water or food in sight.”

Kudos to the authorities who rescued this poor animal in time. She was taken to a local veterinarian and is currently being nursed back to health.

As for the owner, she has something to look forward to upon her return.

Being arrested.

If you ever come across a situation that even remotely smells of this kind of cruelty, don’t hesitate to call the police or Peta.

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