Fla. Burglary Suspect Chased By Authorities Hid in Lake, Was Eaten By Alligator


*Oh man. Talking about the worst way to go.

Authorities checking a Florida neighborhood following up on calls about two men dressed in black lurking behind homes, found their suspect days later after he failed to show up at home.

Authorities from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said when 22-year-old Matthew Riggins was found dead in a Barefoot Bay lake just north of Ocean Avenue Way on Nov. 23 — 10 days after he and an accomplice started burglarizing homes near Tequesta Drive, his lower extremities and part of an arm had been severed.

Riggins’ body was actually being recovered by the sheriffs dive team members when an 11-foot alligator started to rapidly approach. The reptile was trapped and euthanized by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

“A forensic examination of the alligator located remains consistent with the injuries to Riggins inside the alligator’s stomach,” deputies said.

The other suspect has been captured, but is said to not be cooperating with authorities.


2 thoughts on “Fla. Burglary Suspect Chased By Authorities Hid in Lake, Was Eaten By Alligator”

  1. You know what, that’s what he gets. Who’s CRAZY enough to hide in a swamp in Florida. I’m a firm believer that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!

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