Early Gift to Motown Fans: Expanded, Remastered 50th Anniversary Edition of The Supremes’ Merry Christmas


*Diana Ross fans are getting a second Christmas present this year!

On the heels of the long-awaited, successful release of Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wiz, Motown Universal is releasing a remastered, expanded version of The Supremes’ classic Merry Christmas album.

In addition to the original mono and subsequently released stereo version of the 1965 album, this reissue delivers bonus tracks including a never-before-heard version of “Silver Bells” that features an additional verse, the rare “Lonely Lonely Christmas”, and a prized version of “Silent Night” that features Florence Ballard on lead vocals. The album also includes a previously unreleased live version of “My Favorite Things” from a 1967 concert at the legendary Copa. The show was one of the final concerts by the original Supremes lineup, before Cindy Birdsong joined the rechristened Diana Ross & the Supremes.

Ross’ sublime vocals are front and center — as they should be! — on this crisp remaster.  I’d never heard the mono versions of this album (As Ross famously said during her legendary Central Park concert, “I was only two when I started…), so I was shocked to hear how different they are from the stereo mixes I grew up with.

With the robust initial sales of the digital Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wiz, which was released last week in time for NBC’s live broadcast of a new production, this expanded version of the holiday chestnut is sure to please Ross, Motown, and classic R & B fans.


Merry Christmas is scheduled to be released on iTunes, Amazon and all digital platforms on December 4.

Michael P. Coleman is a Sacramento-based, Detroit born-and-bred freelance writer. He is also Diana Ross’ biggest fan.  Follow him on Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Early Gift to Motown Fans: Expanded, Remastered 50th Anniversary Edition of The Supremes’ Merry Christmas”

  1. Umm…. Sorry. This is a gift for Supremes fans. The Supremes were more than just a superstar lead singer. Yes, she’s terrific in her own right. Yet, let’s remember, The Supremes were a unit and many who were there (and newer fans alike) love ALL The Supremes equally, and get annoyed with articles that act like it’s all about Miss Ross.

  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Connie. The Supremes undoubted have many fans of loved all of the ladies. However, there’s more than a little evidence that suggests that that particular album was recorded with more “Ross” and less “Supremes”.

  3. This is a great Christmas so far! First there was “Diana Ross Sings song from the wiz” and now Diana Ross in Christmas mode for this release. It’s great to see that they also include some tracks that weren’t released on the original album but were made available to us through various compilations.

  4. The Andantes sings on this instead of Flo and Mary. There is no involvement of either Mary or Flo. The Andantes do all the backing for Miss Ross.

  5. this is a wonderful holiday gift for all Supremes fans – not ust Diana fans. there are those you will have you believe that Mary and Florence have nothing to do with or other Supremes fans. don’t believe it. this is just Motown propaganda put out trying to bolster Ross’ career when she left the group

  6. Count me in! This is exciting news on the heels of the unreleased Wiz recordings!! It is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  7. it’s common knowledge that The Supremes were not on this album… don’t believe us, read Mary Wilson’s book from decades ago..if you don’t believe her, well, you’re just a Ross hater then and..Merry Christmas!!! lol

  8. OMG! Dear Ms. Connie LaRue,

    It’s all about Miss Diana Ross ~ always has been, always will be!

  9. OMG, not this shit again. okay, how’s this: DIANA ROSS IS KING OF THE WORLD!!!!! happy now?? Damn!!!!!!

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