Kid in Memphis Gets XBox Stolen, Cops Buy Him a New One


*Cops always say we (the media) never share their good deed stories. So please allow me to be among the first to change that and hopefully, it will encourage more good deeds by police. So many in fact, that their good deeds will flow abundant and the media can’t help but share them.

I am sure young Tontrevion Campbell won’t mind us sharing the story either. He was at church with his mom when their home was burglarized. Among the possessions stolen was his precious, but old, XBox. When a group of Tennessee police officers heard about the theft, they jumped into action.

“When we asked the child if he’s going to get a new Xbox for Christmas, he said ‘No, my mom doesn’t have that kind of money, and all the money she makes goes to pay the bills,’” officer Jerry Graves told NBC-affiliate WMC.

The boy, who it appears is being raised by a single mom added, that she “works long hours and several jobs.”

I am not gonna even ask,” the boy told the officers, according to a post on the precinct’s Facebook page.

Moved by the 11-year-old’s concern for his mom, officers Jerry Graves and Antonio Martin made their way to a Game Stop and bought a new Xbox along with three games for Tontrevion.

Add to this, the staff at the store joined in on the generosity because they were touched by the officers’ actions so they chipped in for the cost of the machine, and threw in an additional system controller for free.

But the officers didn’t just go to the kids house and hand him the gift. They obviously couldn’t help but toy with him a little first. When they appeared at Tontrevion’s home, they showed him the XBox and asked him if it was his.

“No, sir … mine was older,” Tontrevion responded.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit I wonder what would have happened if the kid had said ‘Yes.’

But he told the truth! The officers then assured him that the XBox was his, indeed!

We hear tears flowed freely all around.

“Just to be able to alleviate some of his stress, just of that day, and actually help that family in this time, like Christmas, it really was an overwhelming feeling,” Officer Martin told WMC.

And to that we say,

“Job well done, officers!”

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