Teen Killed in St. Louis By Black Man, And Authorities Refuse to Press Charges (Watch)

Martinez Smith-Payne
Martinez Smith-Payne

*This must be another example of what Black Lives DON’T Matter looks like. A St. Louis, Missouri man, black, shot a male teen, also black, who he saw stealing from his parked, unlocked car in the 5900 block of Riverview Boulevard.

When the police got there they found 13-year-old Martinez Smith-Payne lying bleeding and unconscious in a back alley. Payne died in the hospital a short time later. They arrested the man – who is only identified as a 60-year-old black man – and took him into custody.

But in an interesting response to the shooting, he was released after prosecutors  “refused” a police request to press second-degree murder charges, according to a statement.

“Investigation revealed the victim, along with two other juveniles, was attempting to steal items from an unlocked parked vehicle when the suspect confronted them, then fired shots at the juveniles,” St Louis police said in a statement.

One of the juveniles, the 14-year-old cousin of the teen that  was killed, was allowed to speak on camera under the condition of anonymity.

The reporter asked him to recount what happened.

Apparently he and another boy was spending a night at Payne’s house when they decided to go out and mess around. With the intention of getting loose change so they could go to the store and buy snacks, they rummaged through the unlocked car parked behind a fence, next to a home suspected to be owned by the shooter.

‘We saw the car inside the gate, we hopped the gate, Martinez was on the passenger side, and me and the other young man was on the driver`s side, and we were rambling through his car, so the man came out and must have seen us. He fired at us and we hopped the gate, but Martinez didn’t make it over the gate,’ the cousin, 14, said.

He added that he feels guilty because since he was the oldest of the three, he should have known better.

‘I was supposed to be the oldest,’ he said. ‘I was supposed to be the one to tell them to not go in the cars.’

There are questions as to why the man pretty much came out shooting, as if he had no other alternative. Didn’t he see that they were young? Couldn’t he have shot in the air or something, as opposed to shooting directly at them?

Ward 27 Alderman Chris Carter spoke on camera and may have shed some light on at least one of those questions. According to Carter, residents in the area had been uneasy lately due to a lot of burglaries. He also laid blame on the fact that the youth in the area don’t have much to keep them occupied and said and feels if they did, the incident may not have happened.

Did he feel threatened by the teens in any way? Little information on this is forthcoming, but the reasoning may have something to do with the Missouri`s Castle Doctrine – which is said to be “complicated and broadly written” yet does provide homeowners the right to protect their property.

Though no charges have been filed against the shooter, the Circuit Attorney’s office says the matter is still under review. In the meantime, the teens face no charges either.

But now comes the dreadful act of a family having to bury their son. And this is where the family of Martinez Smith-Payne hopes the community will step up and help pay for his funeral.

The arrangements are being made through Serenity Funeral Home on Union Boulevard.

Watch the FOX2 Now video directly below. 


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