Pharmaceutical Company Won’t Lower $750.00 Cost of One ‘Life-saving’ Pill



*Any pill that is said to be life-saving should be – but is not expected to be, easily affordable. Not in America, anyway. Yet by any standards of reality, you don’t expect ONE PILL to cost $750 either.

But that is the cost that Turing Pharmaceuticals, a small biotech company who has been criticized by doctors, patients and any others with an investment in the field of medicine is charging; because they reneged on a promise to cut the cost of the pill.

The drug is not new, it has actually been around for 62-years. But it came under attack after the cost of it was increased fifty-fold recently – sparking multiple investigations by the government, according to an article in The Los Angeles Times.

Thank goodness that a company with heart and apparently, good sense, stepped in and created a capsule version costing only .99. According to Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, doctors have ordered more than 2,500 capsules and it hasn’t even been a month yet.

Hearing this makes me think about Olympic skater, Debi Thomas; who went to school and studied orthopedic surgery. She worked professionally in the field for a short time before she quit saying, she had no interest in being in a field that practices medicine, but found the patient is not the #1 concern.

What do you think of a company’s obviously blatant attempts to ensure their medication is only available to a privileged few?

Look forward to more on this…


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