Miami Jury Now Holds Fate of ‘Facebook Killer’ In Their Hands! (Disturbing Photo)

Derek Medina
Derek Medina

*Aren’t you curious about a statement that ends with ‘A young lady lost her life but…”? Aren’t you intrigued about what could possibly come after the “but?”

I am. I mean, it calls for justification of the why. And in order to justify the loss of a life…you have to put some kind of ceiling on its value.

And how do you do that?

Nevertheless, that was the direction of the argument presented by the attorney of Derek Medina – the Miami man who emptied eight bullets from his .380-caliber gun into his wife – and then proudly took a picture of her dead body and posted it on Facebook.

He is now infamous. And will forever be identified as, “The Facebook Killer.”

Prosecutor Leah Klein described a gruesome scene of how she suspected it all went down in the kitchen of the couple’s home after learning “he wanted her dead.”

Like a movie being played in slow motion, Klein describes an especially disturbing “scene” after the murder, where she says [Medina] “is calmly gathering his sweatshirt and stopping to take pictures” of his wife’s dead body (See horrific photo below with warning).

It must be rather challenging for any jury to have empathy for a man who always seems to wear a weird smirk on his face.


It’s a look you just can’t ignore. 

But Saam Zangeneh, an attorney on Medina’s legal team, hopes you will. In his attempts to touch the heart of jurors, he painted a picture of mental abuse for his client; a 33-year-old condo security supervisor who he claims was a “psychologically and emotionally abused” husband whose wife ultimately attacked him with a knife before he fatally shot her.

An internal surveillance video captured bits of the altercation and  “the butt of a knife,” but not the shooting.

But according to state prosecutor J. Scott Dunn, Alfonso was not armed with a knife. He says Medina’s defense team “flipped” the story around during closing arguments in an effort to insert a reasonable doubt in his intent to kill her. “Jennifer was not attacking her husband; she was not beating him,” Dunn said. “What they were doing in that kitchen was having an argument. … She was not armed when he killed her.”

After an unsuccessful attempt to convince the judge that Medina was high on “bath salts” and his behavior had been altered, the defense rested its case Tuesday. In addition, the judge didn’t allow the team to put on a pair of experts to back two defense theories: that Medina was a battered spouse and acted in self-defense, and that light and shadows in the couple’s kitchen showed the wife was holding a knife seconds before he fatally shot her.

The state rested its case last Wednesday after an associate medical examiner testified that bullet trajectories and wounds to the neck and upper chest show Alfonso was kneeling in a cowering position when she was killed by a flurry of bullets.

The murder trial, which became notorious after the horrific photos were posted online by Medina, is now in its third week and Circuit Court judge Yvonne Colodny allowed attorneys and the prosecutor to wrap up their closing arguments before jury instructions and deliberations.

“I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys. Miss you guys. Take care. Facebook people you’ll see me in the news.” –Derek Medina posted this on Facebook along with the photo of his deceased wife

Warning: Disturbing photo directly below!

Jennifer Alonzo dead on her kitchen floor
Jennifer Alonzo dead on her kitchen floor




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