PETA Offers $5K for Info On Puppies Found in Sealed Aquarium in the Woods


*I’ve lived with dogs — all of them from animal shelters — for most of my life, but I’m not one of those dog lovers that goes overboard with my animals. That said, stories of cruelty like this get to me.

A man in Hinds County, Mississippi set out on a rural trek to try to find his missing dog, and ran across two brown and white puppies sealed in a glass aquarium with the lid cemented shut, near an abandoned bridge in the middle of the woods.

“As I got closer,” Matt Williamson said, “I saw these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they needed help. That’s when I called authorities.”

“They were put here to drown,” he added. “They wanted these puppies to drown in here.”

There’s no word on whether Williamson ever found his own missing dog.

Williamson called his local sheriff’s department, who took the puppies to Mississippi Animal Rescue League, which has placed over 48,000 animals in new, loving homes.  The organization’s director, Debra Boswell, said the puppies were not used to human handling and were running a slight fever — being cemented in a glass aquarium might make ME a little hot under the collar — but were otherwise healthy. She added that the dogs were eating and drinking and getting better.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who has information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

[As much as I love animals, especially dogs, I don’t always see rewards being offering when African American children go missing or are harmed, but THAT’s another story.]

“These puppies were terrified, trapped and left to die by someone with a dangerous lack of empathy,” PETA senior director Colleen O’Brien said. “PETA is urging anyone with information to come forward immediately, before anyone else gets hurt.”

[AnyONE else???]

WAPT-TV reports that the puppies should be available for adoption after the holidays. At least one man from out of state has agreed to adopt the puppies together, which is something rescuers would like to see happen since the puppies are so dependent on each other, Boswell said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS or the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office at 601-974-2900.

And please contact your local animal shelter for information about adopting a pet in need of a new home.

This article was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman, who shares his home with two rescue dogs:  Reeses (named after the candy bar) and Rover Jo (named after an obscure Muppet).  Tweet him:  @ColemanMichaelP.


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