White Man Calls 911 on Black Woman He Thinks is a Burglar – But It’s Her House! Now to Convince the 19 Cops Who Showed Up!


*”I’m heartbroken that no matter how many times a story like this is told, it will happen again.” This very real quote was given by Fay Wells, who is yet another American citizen who has suffered a great indignity because of her black skin.  Wells recently found herself surrounded by 19 police officers, with guns drawn and aimed at her, while they DEMANDED that she come out of the apartment her Caucasian neighbor says was being burglarized.


The neighbor had called the cops and claimed that he saw the apartment being burglarized. Wells would later mention that this man now avoids eye contact with her.

Wells told her own story in The Washington Post. It all seemed to start out so innocently. Rushing to get to a soccer game, she had accidentally locked herself out of her Santa Monica, California apartment. But she wasn’t going to sweat it right then, as she knew that same issue would be there when she got back so she went to the game.

She writes, “A few hours and a visit from a locksmith later, I was inside my apartment and slipping off my shoes when I heard a man’s voice and what sounded like a small dog whimpering outside, near my front window. I imagined a loiterer and opened the door to move him along. I was surprised to see a large dog halfway up the staircase to my door. I stepped back inside, closed the door and locked it.

Fay Wells

I heard barking. I approached my front window and loudly asked what was going on. Peering through my blinds, I saw a gun. A man stood at the bottom of the stairs, pointing it at me. I stepped back and heard: “Come outside with your hands up.” I thought: This man has a gun and will kill me if I don’t come outside. At the same time, I thought: I’ve heard this line from policemen in movies. Although he didn’t identify himself, perhaps he’s an officer.

I left my apartment in my socks, shorts and a light jacket, my hands in the air. “What’s going on?” I asked again. Two police officers had guns trained on me. They shouted: “Who’s in there with you? How many of you are there?”

cops outside womans apt

Now this scene would be an unsettling one for anybody. But especially a woman…a black woman. Yet Wells did well (pun intended) in keeping her cool (Scroll Down).

Wells explained how she adhered to the officers demands; but added she kept looking into his eyes and at his gun, the likes of which she had never seen before (looking down into the barrel of a gun). She mentioned the officer looked both fearful and angry.

She writes, “I had no idea what was happening, but I saw how it would end: I would be dead in the stairwell outside my apartment, because something about me — a 5-foot-7, 125-pound black woman — frightened this man with a gun.”

“Let me tell you. I don’t think this is some sort of crazy robbery. But I need some cops over here right now,” the anonymous neighbor says on the 911 call.


I believe it was Wells obviously intelligent and knowledgeable demeanor that had the SMPD respond the way that they did. Because of her well-documented essay on The Washington Post, a 47 minute audio file was  released by the Santa Monica Police Dept. along with a statement by SMPD Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks (who amazingly and coincidentally happens to be black, too. What are the odds?)

Here is an excerpt from SMPD Capt. Seabrooks’ statement:

“As a Black woman born and raised in South-Central Los Angeles, I empathize with Ms. Fay Wells and how this experience has made her feel.  On the other hand, as an experienced law enforcement executive, I understand the Police Department’s response and the need for that response.”

But I will stop here so that Fay Wells, the vice president of strategy at a multinational corporation, can continue her story.

In her own words.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, after reading Ms. Wells essay and hearing the audio.




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