19 Month Old Burned Alive in Oven, Having Been Placed Inside By Her 3 Year Old Siblings, While Their Mother Grabbed a Take-out Pizza


*19 month old J’Zyra Thompson was found dead inside of an oven in Houston, after her 3-year old siblings placed her inside of the oven and turned the oven on. Their five year old sibling was asleep in an adjacent room.

You’re asking the same question I was. Where in the hell were the baby’s parents?

Their mother, Racquel Thompson, and her boyfriend had reportedly left the children alone in the home to get a takeout pizza and get a prescription filled.

Can you handle more details of this heartbreaking story?

The 3-year old siblings say little J’Zyra kicked at the door of the oven repeatedly after they placed her inside, closed the door, and made it “hot”, they told Houston’s ABC affiliate.

The mother’s boyfriend says he found the oven turned over in the kitchen upon entering the home. When he flipped the oven over, little J’Zyra’s lifeless body fell out.

Thompson says she tried to apply CPR, but got no response.  J’Zyra died of multiple burns.

She was burned alive in the oven of her own home, after her 3 year old siblings, who knew no better, placed her there.

Police say Racquel Thompson left the children alone without informing a grandmother who lives in the same apartment complex.

Can you take any more?

Criminal charges have not been filed yet, but they are expected.

The children are in foster care today, as Child Protective Services could find no suitable relatives who could care for them. That would mean that the same grandmother was deemed unsuitable by CPS. She may be too elderly or have health problems. She may just be unable to care for small children. We don’t have many details on that, or the grandmother’s relationship with Thompson.

In fact, there’s a lot we don’t know, yet. But we know a few other things.

We know that J’Zyra’s life was worth more than a takeout pizza.

We know there’s a court hearing in early December, during which CPS is going to recommend termination of all parent rights of the children.

We know that Racquel Thompson has a file with CPS that includes details of several other incidents of leaving her small children alone.

We know J’yra is dead. And we know that her siblings will probably be scarred for life.

We also know — I know — that God would want us to forgive Racquel. But I also know my heart has ached for 19 month old J’Zyra and her siblings all day. And I know that a significant part of me wants prosecutors to charge Racquel with reckless endangerment of her daughter and first degree murder.

Capital punishment is legal in Texas, and can be imposed if someone dies as a direct result of someone else’s actions, and if the victim is less than 10  years old.  I’m not an attorney, but I could argue that one.

I also think CPS is culpable.  If there’s a history of Thompson leaving her small children alone and unsupervised, why weren’t her parental rights terminated sometime before J’Zyra died in the oven in her own kitchen?

God help this family. And God help me for wanting prosecutors to take whatever steps they have to, even if it includes a first degree murder charge in a state that has the death penalty, to make sure Racquel never is allowed to place her children — or anybody else’s — in harm’s way again.

Let us know what you think about this heartbreaking story.

This article was written by freelance writer Michael P Coleman.  Follow him on Twitter.


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