Oh the Things that Coke Can Do! (Trust Me: You’ll Wanna Know)

Coca Cola

*Sorry. It was hard to resist that opportunity. This is one ‘inside joke’ only the grown folks will get. We all grew up drinking Coca Cola. Remember how that first swig burned your nostrils. I can still feel it if I think real hard. But I also remember the syrupy-sweet, smooth taste of the soda itself. And it tasted especially good with a ham sandwich.

But let’s get back to the burn. I have a feeling it was that burn that puts the “U” in coke’s other useful purposes. Nothing tasting that good is suppose to hurt. Deep down I always thought I was doing something I wasn’t suppose to do. That’s probably why I stopped drinking soda altogether more than a decade ago. Aside from the occasional gotta have a Sprite!

So tasting good with a ham sandwich was one.

Savor that thought because the others will not be as…uh…tasty.

How ’bout the perfect remedy for getting that icky gum off your shoe?

You were warned.

gum on shoe

Just soak the bottom of that she in some coke for 20 minutes, and when you retrieve it, that once icky, sticky gum will fall right off.

I hear this works for getting gum out of the little one’s hair, too! 

Want to have a party outside, but can’t stand all the insects? Pour a can of coke in a bowl. Hey! It’s a party right? No reason everybody can’t have fun. All the bees, slugs, gnats and other insects will be so happy absorbing all that sugar – messing with you and your guests will be the last thing on their minds.

How cute! A mama slug. Can you see the baby sitting on top of its shell?

What? You spent all day in the beauty salon and came out with a color you don’t even like?


We can’t have that now can we? Coke to the rescue! Soak that unwanted dark color in some coke for 15 minutes max, and walla! You and your lighter shade can keep it movin’.

Darn grease stain…Oh no, not blood!?

Why oh why, did I not know of this remedy before throwing away so many T-shirts and dresses? All I had to do was pour some coke on the stain, leave it in for 10 minutes, then rinse it with water. Duh!

blood stain

Now THIS will make your day! 

Go into the kitchen. Go ahead. Bend down and find that pan you burnt up so bad, you hid it because you just didn’t have the heart to throw it away. You promised ‘one day’ you would ‘fix it.’

Well hello today… because you can!

Pour some coke into that baby and walk away for about 20 minutes. When you come back all you have to do is wipe it gently and all that burnt stuff disappears.

Told you! Coke is good in so many other ways. And baby, you haven’t heard anything yet. Check out other things it can do along with some really, cool stuff at Tips & How To’s.


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