Postpartum Depression May Be Behind Mother’s Murder of Two-Month Old Son

Rochelle Brown

*Rochelle Brown said she ‘needed a new start.’ So she moved in with her sister only a couple of weeks ago, but today, she is suspected of stabbing her infant son to death.

According to a video report by WTVD, authorities were seen carrying bags of evidence, including the body of the infant, as they came downstairs from a third floor apartment at the Longboat Key Apartment Homes .

Neighbors are said to have heard a woman’s cries around 2 a.m. Tuesday as she screamed, “My sister killed her baby!” One neighbor who rushed over and looked inside; seeing the child’s body and 28-year-old Rochelle Brown, the mother, said he can’t ‘un-see’ what he saw and it is an image that will continue to haunt him.”

“I notice she had blood on her hands, so I was just trying to keep my eyes on her,” Assunti Anderson told the media. “At that time the sister said ‘my nephews are still inside.”

Because officers had yet to arrive, Anderson said he convinced the mother to walk outside. He noticed she kept repeating, “I need Jesus. I need Jesus.”

Brown is said to have left behind a bad relationship in Nebraska.

George Parnham, the attorney who served as defense for Andrea Yates, who killed her baby and had the defense of postpartum depression, called it a ‘horrible tragedy.’

Brown, who had named the child Levi, has been charged with capital murder and was placed under psychiatric care at ben taub Hospital.

Watch the video report at Yahoo News.



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