With So Much Sadness Going On, This Simple Act of Kindness Will Make You Smile

Tie assist

*Yes, its a simple gesture. But seeing an elderly man helping a young man dressed in business attire tie his tie, while they all wait for the train, is heartwarming. And apparently I’m not the only one to think so; seeing as the image has gone viral.

Apparently, the back-story of this “unusual meeting” happened in an Atlanta subway and was captured by Facebook user Redd Desmond Thomas — who captioned the image: “The young guy sitting down was struggling with his tie. The woman in the red coat noticed and asked, ‘Do you know how to tie it properly?’ The young guy said, ‘No ma’am.’ She taps her husband and says, ‘Come to this side … and teach this young man how to tie his tie.”

As if by mere reflex, the elderly man did just that.

The image has garnered 200,000 shares, more than 800,000 likes, and thousands of comments. “That’s love unconditional,” wrote one Facebook user. “So amazing, so helpful, what life should be like every day,” posted another. And, “A true act of kindness.”

This kindness was posted the day after World Kindness Day (November 13) — an annual 24-hour period designed to promote paying it forward. This year, unfortunately, the day was marred by the horrific events in Paris.

Some actions, obviously led by the heart, simply defy words.

Read more at Yahoo News.

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