Man Blames Accidental Shooting of Woman on ‘Freaky Sex’ (Watch)

kinky sex

*Uh, raising my hand here to ask you a question: Isn’t sex supposed to feel good? No one, especially anyone young and healthy, expects to die from it, right? Yet someone did. And now a Florida man has been put behind bars after he admitted to ‘accidentally’ shooting a woman in the head during sex.

By the time police responded to the 911 call made by Tyrone Fields, telling them what he had done–accidentally shot Christina Meagher during “freaky sex” — it was too late to save her.

When cops arrived Meagher was lying on the bed with a gunshot wound in her head. They transported the injured woman to St. Joseph’s Hospital, but she died soon after from her injuries.

Though Fields admittedly shot Meagher, he insisted it was accidental and blamed it on role-play gone horribly wrong. Fields had removed the magazine from the gun before holding it to the woman’s head, but he neglected to remove the bullet from the chamber before pulling the trigger.

An exam dispelled any signs of battery and according to surveillance footage, the behavior between the two adults, who were said to have only met two days prior, appeared consensual. 

Yet and still, the victims family is not buying his story.

Take a look at the video report below. What do you think?

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