Daycare Workers Fired Because They Won’t Recognize 6-Year-Old Child As ‘Transgender’


*Madeline Kirksey has retained a lawyer after being terminated from her position as manager at the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center along with her co-worker, Akesha Wyatt. The women say they lost their jobs because the same-sex parents of a six-year-old girl, whose name was Sally on Friday, returned on Monday wanting to be called Johnny.

Not to make light of the situation, but it was like the lyrics to a Hall and Oates song that goes, “I can’t go for that. No, can do.”

But of course it was more than just a name. The center wanted the women to recognize the girl as a transgender boy.

And they refused.

The women are being represented by Andy Taylor, who gained notoriety after his victory in challenging Houston’s HERO issue.

“This case involves a little 6-year-old girl who has been attending a private school in Katy, Texas for the last four months as a little girl.  She has parents who are a same-sex couple, two men, who decided that she was transgender,” Taylor said Tuesday afternoon at a news conference. “On Friday, that little girl left school. I’m not going to use names, but (she was) known to everybody as ‘Sally,’ and on Monday, this little girl returns to school calling herself ‘Johnny.’”

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Taylor argues that when the little girl returned to school on Monday as a “boy,” her hair had been cut very short, and it took them by surprise…giving them no warning to adjust.

Madeline Kirksey (Top)
Madeline Kirksey (Top) and Akesha Wyatt, (Bottom) next to picture of Children’s Lighthouse Daycare Center in Houston.

Kirksey, a Christian author, had problems with the issue because of her religious beliefs. She says she also felt an obligation to protect the child from potential bullying from the other kids and their families. But feels it was the religious beliefs that got her dismissed.

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The topic of children claiming the transgender life choice opens up an important and necessary conversation. The brain of children at age six is still being formed. They have no life experience and may simply be reacting or mimicking what they see.

Generally, it is up to the parents to guide them based on sound reasoning.

According to Taylor, most psychiatrists feel young children are not ready to make such a decision.



3 thoughts on “Daycare Workers Fired Because They Won’t Recognize 6-Year-Old Child As ‘Transgender’”

  1. Fire their dumb behinds on stupidity alone. They should do their jobs and follow their job title. If they think the child was in danger they should’ve reported it to authorities. Case closed.. All this “same sex couple crap”. Anybody can’t adopt so the parents were of sound body and mind….. Opinions and views take a seat…. Raise your own damn kids!

  2. Really, she had to do she’s work. And that’s all! Turn of
    prejudices and religious opinion. Finally, there is a law in this country.

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