Yes, There Is A Cancer-producing Agent Found in Certain Toothpastes (Watch)


*Dang! Seriously? I just bought a tube of Colgate with whitening agents. And I am sure millions of other people are going to cringe while reading this article that reminds us we may be using toothpaste every single day that has cancer-causing agents in the ingredients.

I wanted to learn more about this after a friend, who is being treated for cancer, told me that her doctor made her aware of this.

No, its not a fluke. Studies have actually confirmed that this is something we should be very concerned about; especially since it has identified one toothpaste in particular (Though not exclusively): Colgate Total – which contains the chemical “Triclosan.”

Colgate Total Toothpaste, canerous agents

In a  35-page report it was revealed that the FDA had concerns that Triclosan could increase the risk of cancer – but Colgate said the chemical was only problematic in large doses.

Apparently, the company behind Colgate Total is relying on old information. They are sticking to their story based on an outdated report that had the FDA approve the paste in 1997.

But toxicology documents used by the FDA to approve the paste were only released in early 2014 after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed the agency had actually relied upon company-backed science to reach its conclusion.

The question is, why are these pastes still on the shelves of retail stores today?

In the video below we are warned to avoid buying toothpastes that make certain promises, such as whitening and tarter control, sensitivity and bad breath. The speaker says that:

“In the 50s and 60s I believe the oral care companies were really trying to make the best paste. But now I believe profits and manufacturing may have become the priority.”

Watch the informative video below.


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