Judging Out Loud: Filmmaker Tim Alexander Blames Mother of 9-Year-Old Murder Victim, On Facebook

Tim Alexander
Tim Alexander

*For the life of me, sometimes I don’t know where people get off, being so blatantly judgmental. A Chicago community is devastated after learning about the death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, who was lured into an alley and executed on November 2. And while we are a society of people with strong opinions, its always alarming when you have an absolute stranger going online, and blatantly placing blame; this time, on the child’s grieving mother, by posting a series of pictures of her (see below) and posing the question to his social media friends: “Does she look like a mother?”

WTF? Who does that?

Some dude out of L.A. named Tim Alexander does.

While I sit here and contemplate exactly what a mother is supposed to “look like”…please continue reading.

If you have yet to see this guy he won’t be hard to find. I wondered what  such a judgmental person actually looks like and discovered he’s got a Youtube video with his dad and two little boys, cute as heck, talking about how wonderful the men in his family is.

Good for you! And that is a real blessing that not every family is fortunate to have.

But Alexander, 53, and his harsh words are definitely a standout from the hordes of people sending their condolences to Karla Lee on just about every social media platform.

The filmmaker decided to put together the collage of photos of Karla Lee below on his Facebook account.

Tyshawn's mother

Along with a caption that reads:

“This beautiful 9 year old child Tyshawn Lee who was just gunned down in Chicago has a mother, she is calling herself Badassmistress. Here is her photo – with and without A GUN. Sad his mother lives at the level she does, she forced him to live her level as well by proximity. :-( Now he is DEAD. Does she LOOK like the best mother a child can have? Don’t be judgmental now. MOTHERING is BETTER than MISTERESSING!”

Needless to say, people were livid!

Though there were 2,770 likes and 2,512 shares many of the 4,878 comments were against the filmmaker.

According to a report by iDATEDAILY.COM Courtney S. Washington posted the following comment on the page: “@Tim Alexander, you are part of society’s problem…. Focus on the actual problem… The loss of a life… Whether she was a stripper, a doctor, a mistress, or a teacher… She is a MOTHER who lost her child to unnecessary gun violence… You cannot judge one’s life based on the social media display…. You failed Sir!!”

And Alexander himself shared a comment posted by someone (directly below) who disagreed with his stance, followed by HIS response to the post. 

“This poor little boy didn’t have a chance. Both parents gang affiliated and this was the result. . But it’s not her fault though get the Fuck Outta Here!”

To that I say…..(Alexander)

No, the bullet is not DIRECTLY HER FAULT, but… Lay with a thug and you have a child with a dark future, and SHE made a choice to have a killer’s baby. My mother chose to marry a true man of God and then have her 3 children. Nobody went out to kill my mother’s children, she didn’t roll with people who would put her in that position, and, she didn’t need to pose with guns to show how bad she was. She CHOSE different for her life and ours her children. Her children were SAFER than the children of women who CHOSE to love thugs. Every woman makes a choice when she says YES to each and every penis she accepts into her vagina. Who is the penis attached too a GOOD MAN to be your baby’s father or a BAD ONE, that is to $8 million question, and how will life be trying to raise bad boy’s child? To many find out the hard way. Her son is dead because of who SHE CHOSE to have her child with out of the 18.5 million black penis’ in America. That IS a responsibility. I hope somebody hears me. Please God, open ears, hearts and minds to how serious a woman choices are in a man to her children’s lives and futures. Women must PICK, CHOOSE AND SELECT BETTER DADS FOR THEIR CHILDREN – she sure back bad trying to roll with the thug life. That is a RESPONSIBILITY to find a RESPONSIBLE MAN to have your children with, feel me now!

Not once did he mention or point blame towards the father who knows the kill was made because of his gang affiliation. Only to the mother of the child he had the baby with.

Interesting, he didn’t add this photo to the collage:

Karla Lee at library with son

Wonder what kind of films he makes.

And you know, the crazy thing about people talking out the side of their neck like this, so-to-speak — especially the part about him bragging about his mother marrying a man of God; and how nobody is out there trying to kill her children.

Their life is not over yet, right?

And I pray it won’t end like this, but if something were to happen to a member of his family — something of a similar nature — he’ll get no sympathy from nobody.

Words matter. Use yours wisely.



5 thoughts on “Judging Out Loud: Filmmaker Tim Alexander Blames Mother of 9-Year-Old Murder Victim, On Facebook”

  1. Always fun to see a post by someone being judgmental about some they are calling judgemental! Hahaha!

    Yes, the gangster father, wooh gotti, is a POS, but where is it written that an author has to dedicate equal time to the mother and the father, in a post? Hint: Nowhere.

    Yes, father’s like this are trash but he is right, the female, ultimately, is the one assured of carrying any child conceived, common sense, which is lacking in so many females, would dictate that they be as cautious as possible when choosing a sex partner. Unfortunately, people spend more time choosing which car to buy (ooops!) or what clothes to wear than which person to fuck.

    Let’s examine the situation:

    A ratchet girl meets a gangster boy and have a son, way too early in life.
    Gangster boy keeps on gangstering, while ratchet mom keeps on ratcheting, both treating guns as toys and ego-boosters.
    Gangster boy screws one too many fellow gangsters and son pays for it with several bullets to the head.
    Ratchet mom cries on TV but no tears flow. Hmmm.
    Ratchet mom poses for selfies and posts them on Facebook. Each pic is nicely centered, lighting looks good, caption equally sob worthy. Hmmm.
    Ratchet mom tells media how son used to tell her that he was going to buy her a house, when he was in NBA, then, craftily with shifty eyes looks around to make sure everyone heard. You can hear her thinking about how many whiteys will be suckered into donating more money. Hmmm.
    Gangster boy refuses to help police. He ain’t no snitch.
    Ratchet mom shows up with new caw. “My son would have wanted me to be safe!” Hmmmm.
    Dead boy has cherry RED casket and wears RED tie. No word on whether his fedora had a red band but auntie says, “Him be lookin’ all God-like an sheet”. What color does the local gang sport? Hmmm.

    Just a day in the life of a lovely set of parents in Chiraq.

  2. Thank you for the GREAT article, now more people can hear my views on this mess this mother made, and the biggest mess was sleeping with a thug and then having his baby. Her body her choice. Yes, she is ver responsible for his environment until he is 18 years of age. Where was she while her 9 year old was walking and being shot to death in a neighborhood she is so scared to walk through she had to take time away from mourning to go buy a 2015 car to protect her life? Great mom in mourning my butt. Tweet that.
    Filmmaker Tim Alexander

  3. Lost in all of this and especially to those who chose to defend her is one important thing…the grandmother had custody of him not her! So just how wonderful and good of mother was she? We’re not gonna talk about that though.

  4. What a stupid write up. The author of this garbage piece, is a part of the problem.

    People are sick and tired of the killing. They are also sick and tired of people like YOU (the author), who enable and defend this trifling, pathetic type of “lifestyle”.

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