You Can’t Deny It, The Most Beautiful ‘Erotica’ Comes from ‘Nature’ Itself (Look!)

erotic looking tourist attraction

*This is a picture of the Yanguan or Father Stone at Mount Danxia in Shaoguan, China. But the questions I want to ask you, my darlings, is what did you think it was.

Be honest.

Exactly. I’d say nature is quite the architect!

Remember: there are no ‘accidents’ and nary a mistake.

And would you believe there’s more? Yep! All around the globe.

And with names like “Turkey’s Love Valley,” “Mollie’s Nipple,” and “Dual Breast Mountain” you will be forced to explore further.

So allow me to provide you with a head start.


Let’s take a peek inside the Yinyuan hole.

Danxia Mountain in Guangdong province, south-eastern China is admired for its picturesque , red-rock landscapes. And we would be remiss it we didn’t show you the Yinyuan Hole

(pictured below) – which does not disappoint when it comes to feeding our imagination, yes?

Yinyuang hole

Now either the Chinese know something the rest of us don’t, or a lot of time was spent in that area of the universe because, what are the chances that Dual Breast Mountain (pictured below) would be there too? But it is. Right there in Guizhou Province, China

Dual Breast Mountain

And how thoughtful is this? Even the Turkeys are paid homage. Just take a look at Turkey’s Love Valley (Pictured below).

Turkey's Love Valley

And you thought China only made cheap clothes! 

Nature tells us to think again.





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