Hard Times Have Hit Target: Here’s A List of All the Stores the Retailer is Closing


*Now after seeing the headline your first response might be, “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?” After all, Target has become a second home to so many of us. We expect it to be there, just like we expect our next breath to take place.

But as we all know, there are no guarantees.

Even a retail giant can have hard times. And not even Target is exempt. In an announcement from the store on Wednesday, they revealed the closure of 13 stores in the U. S.

But the closures won’t happen until AFTER THE HOLIDAY SEASON. So they will remain open until January 30, 2016.

Here’s a list of the Target stores set to close due to poor financial performance:

  1. Austin North East (Austin, Texas)
  2. Suncoast Pasco County (Odessa, Florida)
  3. Casa Grande, Arizona
  4. Victorville, California
  5. East Flint (Flint, Michigan)
  6. Columbus Southwest (Columbus, Ohio)
  7. Northridge (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  8. Superior, Wisconsin
  9. Springfield, Ohio
  10. New Ulm, Minnesota
  11. Ottumwa, Iowa
  12. Anderson, Indiana
  13. Dixie Highway (Louisville, Kentucky)

The retailer insists that the closure of these stores do not reflect “the broader company in any way.” In 2013, Target laid off 2,000 professionals from employment and in January 2015, the retailer closed all 133 of its stores in Canada.


But those affected by the upcoming closures will be offered the option of transferring to other locations by the retailer who continues to give 5% of its income (or $3M weekly) to charitable organizations in its community.


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