Python Dies After Eating A Porcupine…Whole! (Pictures)

THIS is an image of the porcupine eaten by the python.
THIS is an image of the porcupine eaten by the python.

*Holy freakin’ crap. This stuff fascinates the heck out of me so I apologize in advance if you’re repulsed. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a lover of snakes or anything, but when I heard that a biker was riding near the Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa, and came across a dead python who had obviously consumed an animal so big it killed him, I was like WTF…Let me see.

Then I saw it…in detail. 

Wanna see?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Let me just say that as an animal lover I was sad for the snake and its prey. I mean dang. But this is what they do. Yet at the same time I was cursing the snake like, “You stupid! Couldn’t you feel halfway down, when it was not too late to regurgitate, that this may not have been the smartest move?”

Anyway, too late for all of that now. Just think of this as nature at its most raw. Besides, most of you have already become desensitized from all the grossness you’ve watched on the internet. So this is like another episode of “National Geographic” or “Animal Kingdom.”

Either way. It’s fascinating and I hope you scroll down and check it out.

Ready. Set. Go!

After the snake swallowed the porcupine (they know it was a porcupine because, well, just keep scrolling), this is what it looked like (See picture directly below).


OK wait, let me stretch it out a bit for you. So you get the full affect.


There you go. Imagine strolling by that sucka!

Po’ thang was found dead below a rocky ledge. Now, I’m no pet psychologist or anything, but I’m thinkin’ maybe it fell off the cliff of that trail (I’ve walked them so yes, some trails, you look down and its death defying!) and the weight of its former meal added to the intense fall and the internal damage killed it.

OK this is where you’re going to have to put on your game face. The hands you see in the photo below are about to cut the python open because dang, they want to see inside too!

python about to get cut open

Wow, it doesn’t even LOOK like a snake this close up. NOW WATCH THIS!


Ewww! I told you! It’s nasty!!! And you still can’t tell what it is, but that thing up top on the right looks like the foot of SOMETHING (just act like you weren’t told what it is yet…c’mon, play along)…


Aww hell no! And they say the porcupine weighed in at 30 lbs. Snake didn’t even get to enjoy it. The meal itself killed it.

But can you believe it, there’s one more picture you just gotta see. To get the FULL effect of this whole thing. You’ve come this far…just a little further…

Right this way…



Now at this point I sure hope his snake friends take notice. NEVER EAT A FULL GROWN PORCUPINE, SERPENTS. It will kill you!

SIDEBAR: Had you ever seen the inside of a snake before this? People actually eat snake meat. I thought this was only done in other countries, until our gardener recently told my daughter that the snake our dog and I caught in our yard recently…that he came over and “took care of” was actually eaten by his friend.

I kid you not. And it too, he says, had just eaten a big gopher. How did he know? You figure it out.

All I could do was shake my head.

Anyway, at this point I’m thinking you probably liked these pictures (and my commentary) more than you thought you would so, wanna see a video of a snake eating a crocodile?



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