Heartwarming or Creepy: Months After His Death, Transparent Image of 8-Year-Old Placed in Wedding Pic

child died, but in pic
The wedding family includes the late Lake Bozman, on left.

*Please don’t judge me too harshly but…maybe its the way the child is inserted in the photo that raises the “creepy” factor. I know eerie is probably a safer word, but creepy makes more sense to me.

Eight-year-old Lake Bozman passed away before he could see his mother remarried, but the couple made sure he was there somehow; and inserted a “spirit-like” photo of him in the wedding photo.

The photo went viral  after photographer Brandy Angel and Lake’s mom, Anna Bozman, posted it on Facebook.

Bozman got married to Travis Thompson, Lake’s stepdad, after the the little boy succumbed to a rare form of  leukemia last May. The couple are parents to two children —  Trindon, 5, and Cambree, 2.

Bozman, who knew how she wanted her wedding photos to look, said it didn’t feel right that her deceased son was not there, and she wanted the transparent image to be part of the picture.

She credits photographer Angel and a co-worker with pulling off her vision.

“They did such a good job,” she said.

After Angel saw the trending numbers on Facebook, that beat out both Kim Khardasian and Jimmy Fallon news, she laughingly said:

“My faith in humanity is restored.”

Rest in peace, sweet boy. It is a beautiful photo.

But readers, let me hear from you: heartwarming or creepy?


4 thoughts on “Heartwarming or Creepy: Months After His Death, Transparent Image of 8-Year-Old Placed in Wedding Pic”

  1. As the mother of a 5 year old boy who passed away tragically 11 months ago, I think it’s beautiful. It may be creepy to those who’ve never lost a child. I would love to do this, to have my Jules in a picture with his whole family (he passed away 3 days before his baby brother was born). Don’t ever judge bereaved parents.

  2. I don’t find this gesture creepy at all. It’s very heartwarming. This was her child, whom she loved dearly and since he’s passed on, this was a beautiful way to commemorate and celebrate their love for him and each other.

  3. @Jennifer, so very sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can reach out to the photographer linked to the story and have your son’s photo inserted into your family pictures. Asking the question was not a judgment of the parents.

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