Did Yale Really Host A ‘White Girls Only’ Party…Uh, Yeah. They Did.

yale frat white girls only party

*While the frat house pictured above  leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department, at least standing against the backdrop of the beautiful Yale campus its part of, this is the frat house that black girls was turned away from when they tried to get their boogie on with everyone else over the Halloween weekend. The incident was put on blast by a freshman who was visiting the campus. She says it was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother who told a group of black girls headed inside, “No, we’re only looking for white girls.”

Close your mouth, there’s more.

Sofia Petros-Gouin had been visiting a friend at the campus and said she saw a stairway filled with people trying to get into the party, and a lone white guy standing on the steps was repeating, “White girls only.”

He then proceeded to only admit girls with blonde hair.

“I was shocked…I was disgusted,” said Petros-Gouin, who also added the black girls just left, looking startled.

According to another interview on social media, and subsequent posts, this wouldn’t be the first time Yale’s chapter SAE has demonstrated such behavior. They have been accused of traditions steeped in racism being a part of the frats culture.

The president of the SAE house, Grant Mueller, denies the allegation, and told the Yale Daily News no discrimination exists there.

This thinking was further compounded by a frat brother who was at the party and gave an entirely different interpretation of the incident. He didn’t want to give his name because the frat does not allow its members to speak with the media. He said that Yale IDs are generally asked for at these parties, and everyone is let in until the party gets full. After that point, a line forms and I guess people have to wait until some folks leave.

Complaints about the noise level at the party brought out campus security and at one point, and supposedly, some students claim a woman who was denied entrance because it was too crowded angrily said to the man who denied her, “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”

The story goes on to say the altercation described above was uncomfortable because it was actually a black man that the woman was addressing. And to no one’s surprise, statements abound to speak on the diversity of the campus and blah. Blah. Blah.

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