Two Men, Strangers, Sit Next to Each Other on Flight…And They Look Like Twins!

Absolute strangers...And YOU thought they were twins.
Absolute strangers…And YOU thought they were twins.

*Hey, got a joke for ya! Two men traveling on an airplane meet because they have one thing in common, their face!!!

OK, so its a bit dry. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

You’ve heard the cliche. Everybody has a twin…somewhere. But chances are you don’t expect him to be SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU ON A PLANE!!!

C’mon. It doesn’t get any weirder than that!

Twitter user Lee Beattie uploaded a photo and tweeted that her husband’s friend is the guy seated on the right (in the photo above), but the man on the left was an absolute stranger he met on the flight!

Well bowl me over! The stranger favors him right down to the shape of the teeth!

Now, there’s no word on how the men feel about the guy a few rows back who photo bombed them! But that aside, I would love to have heard the first words out of each man’s mouth upon seeing each another for the first time.

And the matching hair color and beards sported by both men, did not escape Twitter users, who responded wholeheartedly with “Parent Trap” jokes.

This will go straight over the heads of you youngin’s. Research!

But there’s more. And if you think that incident was strange, listen to this.

A THIRD man who also fits the description was found. Though I am not sure if it was on the plane.


Because of our well-known fascination with look a-likes, there’s even is an entire website dedicated to finding “twin strangers.”

Oh god. There’s a term for it?

But then again, its perfect. What else would you call it?




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