White Cop Racially Profiles Black Cop…Black Cop Sues LAPD

Los Angeles Police Department Badge

*So let us get this straight. One police officer, black, was driving to his property in an area I guess another police officer, white, didn’t think he really should be in. The white police officer gave the black police officer a really hard time. Even though the black police officer complied with his requests. When it was all said and done, the black police officer filed a complaint against the white officer. But instead of getting assistance, he got in trouble.

Does that about sum it up?

Its a rhetorical question: Yeah. It does. And now that black LAPD officer has sued the Los Angeles Police Department for retaliating against him because he filed a racial profiling complaint against a white officer.

According to the LA Times, the complaint states Lamark Ferguson was driving to a property he owns when he was pulled over by the white officer in August 2014.  He was obviously out of uniform. But he acquiesced. And showed his license and police identification. But the white officer, obviously doubting him, said he needed to check the police ID because gang members “down here are known to impersonate LAPD.”

The 20 minutes it took for the officer to finish checking Ferguson’s employment with the police department was deemed “much more time than was necessary,” by the detained officer.

But he was let go.

Yet not for long.

As Ferguson pulled into the driveway, the white officer stopped him again, saying he “still needed to verify” the employment. Again, the black officer complied and was detained for ANOTHER 20 minutes.

Frustrated up at this point, Ferguson called his supervisor to lodge a complaint. He told the supervisor he was calling “to complain that he was being harassed and profiled based on his race as an African-American.”

But when the supervisor did absolutely nothing, Ferguson filed the complaint himself. Soon afterwards, he found himself transferred to an administrative position in another department.

Ferguson is convinced this was punishment for his actions. 

Ya think?

The LAPD declined to comment to the Times. Stay tuned…They are trying to come up with something original, I’m sure.


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