EMT Worker May Lose His Job Because He Helped Choking Child

EMT worker may lose job

*Hey, we all understand the need for rules and regulations, but at some point common sense has got to take over. The news of an EMT worker who jumped out of the ambulance after a frantic man alerted him to a child who was choking, is going viral. But not so much for his heroic efforts, because he went against company rules.

Now, Qwasi Reid has been suspended without pay from his job as a New York City EMT.


Reid and his partner had been transporting an elderly woman when a man alerted him to a 7-year-old girl who was choking on her lunch. The incident occurred on October 21. The EMT jumped out of the ambulance and administered First Aid on the girl. Saving her life.

“I don’t regret it,” Reid told Fox News “I’d do it again. If I know there’s a child choking, I’m going to do my best to help her.”

According to Reid, he was suspended because company policy states such assistance without being called in, is against the rules.

In my humble opinion, what these “rules” imply is that money is at the root of it all. Who gets paid now? No documentation (the call coming in), no billing.


We hear the little girl survived, but she is on life support.

Something tells me Mr. Reid won’t have anything to worry about. Not sure we can say the same for his employer.

Watch the Fox News video report here.

2 thoughts on “EMT Worker May Lose His Job Because He Helped Choking Child”

  1. this country has really lost it. nut-jobs sauntering around with open carry guns, and a good guy saves a child’s life and is punished for it. he deserves a gold medal and a commendation.

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