Watch: ‘Love Beyond Walls’ Gives Homeless Their Dignity Back


*If you happen to live in Atlanta, you may have seen the big, black bus that at one time only had the words “Mobile Makeovers” written in large letters, by a black marker. Today that bus has been upgraded. In big bold letters it reads: Love Beyond Walls. And it gives mobile makeovers to those in need.

Inside, there are leather seats, and people who have been living on the streets can get a makeover in the form of a haircut, hair style, a hot shower and some clean clothes.

Terrence Lester slept on the top of the old bus for 30 nights straight– in winter– to bring attention to the issue of homelessness.

He told 11Alive Atlanta:

“When people come in they would be able to get their hair cut or styled by a stylist or a barber. They can go down a little further and have a hygiene station to groom themselves.”

Their initial goal was 275.Thus far they have given 407 makeovers.

“I think we’ve done about 46 at one time,” Lester reveals. is not only helping those in need, they are also bringing the community together, with men outside of their target group coming in for a haircut (I’m sure they pay) and a chat as they sit in the barbers chair.

“It’s a program where we teach homeless guys and women how to take reclaimed wood and turn it into pieces of art,” Lester explains, as he tells the station about their latest project, Dignity Art.

Out with the old (Top) and in with the new (Bottom)

You can just see the pride in the face of Robert, one of the men helped by the program, as he holds up the artwork he created for 11Alive News. He breaks down in tears as he speaks about how this has helped him regain a sense of dignity.

“These folks helped me realize that I am somebody,” Robert says before becoming overwrought with emotion.

Thousands of dollars were raised last week as the first public Dignity Art show took place. The funds raised will go towards the purchase of a home that will serve as a live-work model.

To learn more about Love Beyond visit their website here.

Watch the touching video below.


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