Officer Approaches Group of Teens in D.C., Ends Up in Dance-Off

cop and teen dance off

*Now this may not be the answer to everything when it comes to policing the neighborhood. But you’ve got to admit, when it comes to healing the tense relationship between police and the black community, its a welcomed start.

A D.C. officer approached two groups of teens and tried to diffuse what looked like a threatening situation about to occur. One of the teens, 17-year-old Aaliyah Taylor, walked up to the officer and began playing “Watch Me (Whip Nae/Nae)” on her phone and started dancing the Nae Nae dance.

A less experienced officer would have the teen on the ground already — choke-holed and handcuffed.

You feel me?

But this officer actually used her head first, and tried a new tactic. She looked at the teen doing the Nae-Nae and said, “That’s all you got?” and proceeded to make her own moves.

It worked. And got her some big props in the end.

It was quite an impressive site. The teen and the cop, making moves on K Street SW, without violence. Needless to say even the teen was impressed.

“Instead of us fighting, she tried to turn it around and make it something fun,” Taylor said. “I never expected cops to be that cool. There are some good cops.”

The bet between the officer and the teen was, if the teen won, the groups could stay. If the officer won, they would have to leave. As you will see in the video though it was Taylor who stopped first (she said she was tired) both participants called it a victory.

“I mostly hold my head down when I dance, so I didn’t really see her,” Taylor said, of the yet to be identified officer. “But when I looked at the video after, I was like ‘Oh, she has some moves.’”

According to a secretary at the D. C. Police Union, such incidences are not rare. They just don’t make it to the Internet.

Maybe they should.

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