Women, Are You Offended By the Ads: ‘Underwear for Women With Periods’?


*Does the word ‘period’ in an ad targeting women and menstruation, make women uncomfortable? The ad agency that has the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority as its #1 client thinks it should.

And look at the picture that accompanies the word (above). Especially the one on the left.

Offended yet?

“Underwear for women with periods,” is the brainchild of Miki Agrawal, co-founder of Thinx, the company behind the controversial ads. She says her campaign — which she would like to see on the subway wall of New York’s train system, has hit a snag after being seen by Outfront Media, the agency that manages the advertising for MTA.

Turns out they took issue with the word “period” in the ads, along with the suggestive imagery that went with it, according to Agrawal. 

“Underwear for women with periods,” is how the ads read. And in addition to the halved grapefruits — the natural fruit that all of a sudden leaves little to the imagination — other images show slimy raw eggs dripping and models in various poses of period-despair, wearing the period underwear.


But even with all of the apprehension, a spokesman from MTA tells The New York Times the ads will be approved. But it doesn’t mean they are approved of.

“Of course they will be approved,” he tells The New York Times, even though the ads are technically still under review.

But things didn’t look that way at first. In an email exchange obtained by Mic, an Outfront representative told Agrawal that in addition to some of their concerns over copyright issues, several of the proposed ads “seem to have a bit too much skin,” adding that the egg and grapefruit imagery, “regardless of the context, seems inappropriate.”

MTA did tell contact Mic to say they had no part in the conversations between Thinx and Outfront.

Thinx aims to spend upwards of $300,000 on 15,000 subway ads. And with the help of The blog Mic, Thinx has something to contrast and compare how another campaign presented its own provocative ads and made it through onto the walls of the New York subway system.


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