Dog Refuses to Leave Owner’s Side, After She Was Killed By Hit-N-Run Driver


*A woman was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and the only one by her side was her dog; who refused to leave his owner.

Kelly Black, 42, was hit by a truck while she walked her dog Paco on Friday morning around 6 a.m. ET. The incident happened in Jacksonville, Florida, and the truck is said to have dragged the woman underneath the vehicle.

“It appears that she was possibly struck by a tractor trailer and it’s unknown if the driver knew that he struck the victim,” a police spokesman told reporters Friday.

Kelly Black and her best friend, Paco
Action News posted the following on their Facebook page: This is Kelly Black. She’s the Jacksonville woman who loved dogs — and one of her canines, Paco refused to leave her side when she was struck and killed Friday morning on Chaffee Road. On FOX30 at 10, Lorena Inclán has an emotional interview with Black’s mother, who is asking for help locating the semitruck that left the scene.

Reporters say it was a heartbreaking scene, as they filmed Paco, depressed, and laying on the street.

Paco stayed by his owner’s side while she died. He didn’t even move when the police came to secure the scene and cover the dead woman’s body.

Paco remained near the crash site for hours before Black’s family came to get him, Action News Jax reported.

Paco lies in the spot where his owner died.

So far, Paco is believed to be the only witness to the crime, according to police. But Pat Johnson, mother to Black, told Tucson News Now she hopes someone will come forward.


According to an article in Huffington Post,  the dog and his owner had been “inseparable.”

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