Woman, 20, Says She ‘Wants to Get Raped’ For Attention’s Sake (Watch)

Tracey on Dr. Phil

*Family, what kind of world are we living in, where a young woman seeks attention so badly, she posts messages online asking to be raped? In what galaxy does a person think this is cute?

Young woman, where is your mama?

“Tracey” as she calls herself, was apparently a guest on the Dr. Phil Show (Sorry, his show is not on my To Do list, so I can’t say when), possibly October 16. The woman admits she posts attention-seeking commentary on social media just to get noticed.

She boasts “People were sharing my comments and I had 26,000 likes and 4,000 comments.

No eff’s given to the fact that most of them are ‘negative.’

“I would talk about what’s going on with my life, what’s going on with my body, and the fact that I want to marry a rich white guy,” she says on a clip shown on the Dr. Phil Show.

And she is shown on camera kissing some [white] guy she clearly doesn’t know. And shows us a post she wrote that says, “I want to get raped right now.”

Adding, “rape is amazing.”

No eff’s given to the fact that most of them are ‘negative.'”90% of the comments are negative, but I love it. I do have a rape fetish, but I have not been raped,” she says to the camera in her Valley-girl voice, while wearing an extremely bad weave.

Its a sad, sad commentary. This young woman obviously has no clue at all about the harm that she is setting herself up for.  

She says she feels loved when guys cuss at her and abuse her. “Once I had unprotected sex with this guy and my FaceBook started blowing up SO much,” she boasts. Cluelessly.

The 3:25 second video clip will leave you with your lips parted for sure. She’s a jaw-dropper, but not in the way she thinks. You will be left with the thought that, “It’s only a matter of time…”

“Tracey” admits to being bullied in school when she was 14. Since then, she says it is she that is now in the bully seat; and has gone online to tell people, “you are fat and ugly.” She admits she even told someone to “go kill yourself.”

Is this total narcissism or mental illness?

Dr. Phil tells her, “I spend most of my time hearing what people don’t say … It’s interesting that everything you do — the way you describe the guys you want, the things that you portray yourself to be on the Internet … the way you seem to have this fixation on negative input, the way you run from positive input — all tells me that you love being in a victim role and that you love being in a situation where you’re punished and put down. That tells me that you have absolutely no self-worth, no self-esteem and no self-respect.”

When Tracey claims that her self-esteem is high, Dr. Phil responds, “Anybody who had self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect would not allow random guys to use their body as a playground. They would not allow random guys to entertain themselves in such a way that could leave you with a disease, or with a pregnancy or a situation or circumstance where you were hurt, killed or left in a life circumstance that you would pay for years to come … No one with self-worth or self-esteem would allow themselves to be used and manipulated that way and then delude themselves that this is something they want.”

It’s hard to watch. And to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t even watch the entire video. So I’ll just turn it over to you.

This just goes to show how much work we still have to do, to reach young women in this country. She makes you angry as hell, but at the end of the day, you feel nothing but sadness. You want to reach out to her and let her know that not all attention is good attention. And though I’m no psychologist, I do wonder if she is demonstrating ‘learned behavior.’ Or at the very least, WHERE did things go wrong?

Here’s the video. And then PLEASE share your thoughts.

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