Brave Mommy Elephant Risks Fight With Croc to Save Her Baby (Pictures)

Elephant and croc 1

*What a mama won’t do, to save her baby. This is no more evident than in the animal kingdom where, if you’re a fan of all those animal shows on TV, you’ll know what I mean.

An animal must always be in ‘alert’ mode for predators who will come at them from every angle. Even when they do something seemingly as innocent as getting a drink of water from a watering hole, they must use the instincts of their wisdom at the approach.

This was all too true for a mother and baby elephant who approached a watering hole at the Luangwa River in the South Luangwa National Park. And the mother, using that instinct, decided to drink first, before allowing her baby too.

When UP jumps a crocodile, who proceeds to bite down on her trunk…with no intentions of letting go anytime soon!

That croc brought the five-ton-mama elephant to her knees, and her baby is oblivious to the danger.

Elephant and croc 2

And a ferocious, painful tug-of-war ensued…

Elephant and croc 3

But that tough mama wasn’t about to acquiesce…Even if it meant dragging that sucka out of the water, while it still clamped down on her trunk.

Elephant and croc 5

And dragging it out of the murky waters…Surely that thing must be as tired of being dragged as the mama elephant is feeling pain…but its a standoff as to who will give in!

Elephant and croc 6

It’s still latched on though we can’t see it clearly…And oh dang, look below: just as it seemed the croc might be ‘giving in’ the baby trips over it…

Elephant and croc 7

But the fat lady didn’t sing yet, and the ending may not be what you think.

Check out the final incredible “happy ending” photo here


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