Watch: ‘Buns in the Oven’ Baby Is Born (Remember Viral Video of Dad Crying?)

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*You probably recall seeing the Facebook post pictured above a few weeks back, where the wife put the ultrasound of the baby she was carrying, after attempting to get pregnant for 17 years, next to a package of buns in the oven. And once her husband saw them, he went emotionally berserk.

He was a happy mess…Did the ugly cry and everything! And the video went viral immediately!

“His reaction was just priceless,”  Dana Griffin-Graves told WRIC in September. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional, but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received.”

Well little boo-boo has arrived! Mommy Dana delivered the couples’ baby boy on Tuesday.

Little Kaleb Arkell came early — at only 24 weeks and a day. And things were touch and go, with the family asking for and receiving prayers on their Facebook page.

And we can only imagine the joyful outburst delivered by daddy, Arkell GravesDid you happen to record another video?

Proud parents of baby boy

Go to the couple’s Facebook page: Arkell & Dana’s Baby Bun to find out the meaning of their baby’s name and other interesting posts on his arrival.

Now this is a totally nosy question that I am sure many of us are thinking: If she has been trying to conceive for 17 years, how old is she now? Hmm… 

See the touching video that started it all below.


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