Pastor Shoots Man Dead With Handgun…In Front Of His Congregation…and That’s Not The Craziest Part Of This Story!

city-of-god-1024*At Detroit’s City of God church, scripture-based signs painted on the outside of the building declare the house of worship as a place where “Jesus is Lord” and “Straight is the gate”.

However, according to various news reports, the church is also a place where the pastor is a killer, questions have not all been answered yet, and the word of God is clearly not being practiced, even if it’s being preached.

Last Sunday, according to police reports, 25-year-old Deante Smith walked into the City of God church, armed with a brick, and threatened the congregation and the pastor.

The same pastor, 37, pulled out a Glock handgun and shot Smith in the chest 4 or 5 times, from the pulpit and in front of his congregation. Smith was taken to Detroit’s Botsford Hospital and was pronounced dead, police say. He is survived by his wife.

“We’ve had a previous incident, at least one” said Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt, “and the pastor filed a police report. The suspect entered the church, he allegedly had a brick in his hand and was threatening the pastor.”

As of this writing, the pastor has not been charged with a crime, after having been questioned by police and released.  He is cooperating with authorities.

I’m no Annalise Keating from Shondaland, but this dog just don’t hunt.

Those who knew Smith say he was a good guy who caused no trouble at all, a leader both on and off the field for an amateur football team and a great community member.

Shooting victim Deante Smith
Shooting victim Deante Smith

Smith and his wife had lived with the pastor for a time.  Smith had considered the pastor a mentor, whom he called “Dad”.

And “Dad” is proficient for shooting something other than a handgun.

Smith’s friends admit they saw a change in him after he joyfully announced on Facebook that he and his wife were expecting their first child, only to learn a couple of weeks later that the pastor of his church was the baby’s father.

You heard me:  the pastor who shot a man in cold blood in his church had knocked up the victim’s wife.

The couple, who was married in 2012, were together for the wife’s birthday on Friday and for Sweetest Day on Saturday, Smith’s sister said.

According to her, Smith had gone to the church that day to get “closure” with the pastor before starting marital counseling with his wife.

Police will turn over their findings to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for a charging decision, and the investigation continues.

So do our questions:

-In what kind of world does the pastor of a church keep a loaded handgun with him at the pulpit?

-Is the wife being questioned?

-How long has the alleged affair between the pastor and the woman been going on?

-What happened to “Turn the other cheek”?   Or was that what the wife called herself doing when she gave it up to the pastor?

As this is a developing story, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let’s keep Smith’s family, the congregation, and the entire community, in our prayers.

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