Former Uber Driver Charged With Rape and Sentenced

Uber, former driver rape charge
Alejandro Done

*Disclaimer: Please note the word “former.”

When Alejandro Done, 47, pulled up to the woman who would later be his rape victim, he had already been fired from or had left Uber, on his own.

But he must have kept the sign.

Done is said to have told the customer that yes, he was the Uber driver she was waiting for – but added one thing that no driver of a service like Uber is ever allowed to do: tell the customer she/he must pay in cash.

Done took the woman to a nearby ATM, where she got the money. Then he drove her to a secluded area, joined her in the back seat, and proceeded to rape her; covering her mouth with his hand to subdue her screams.

On Friday, Done, whose DNA has also linked him to five other unsolved rape cases, had his day in court. He was sentenced on charges of aggravated rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery and is expected to serve 10 to 12 years in state prison. He will then serve five years probation. He’s also facing charges for the other sexual assault cases that have gone unaccounted for since 2006 and 2010.


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