Watch: Six Year Old Hangs Head in Shame As Dad Goes Off on Postal Worker

Boy hides face under rag

*Not to judge but…sometimes when a situation comes up and we find ourselves extremely volatile, we’ve got to ask ourselves, is this a legitimate reason for me to go off, or is it just misplaced anger?

Or how about this: your dad embarrasses you in the post office, yelling at the lady behind the counter. This will be a memory for one six year old boy, who couldn’t hide his shame while witnessing his dad go off on a female postal worker because he says she didn’t “respect” him.

The father was filmed in what’s being called a “sexist tirade” towards a post office worker in Los Angeles. He said that he would put her in her place, the Daily Mail reports.

“I gotta put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man,” the unidentified man said. Pretty much everyone was giving him the side eye; and his poor mini-me did something reminiscent of (what we call on social media)…”SMH.”

Boy makes faces

Standing in the P. O. line was Gordon Cooper, a customer at the Miracle Mile location, who pulled out his cell phone to capture the rant and how it was affecting the child, who attempted to hide from the camera. The young boy hid his face in his hat and was also seen walking around the post office looking uncomfortable.

The father at the window of the service area is seen yelling at someone (out of sight):

“I got a six-year-old standing with me and you need to speak to his father with some respect,” the father says. “I don’t care who you talked with today, you’re going to talk to me with some respect.”

“My son is standing right here. You want some respect you’re going to get some,” the man continues. “I tried to deal with you civilized [sic] but now I’m going to put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man and I’m not going to let you talk to me any kind of way.”

All the while the kid is getting more and more mortified.

Noy hangs head in shame, father, post office

“You do your Post Office job to the best of your abilities and learn how to talk to people or go get another career,” the angry father continues, with no regard for his son at all.

“’No you wait! I’m a taxpayer in this community and I don’t come here to get this kind of service,” the man continues as another male Post Officer worker attempts to intervene.

“No ‘sir’ nothing, you can’t serve me because she should’ve done it right the first time,” the man says, adding “Call the police, I didn’t do nothing, I didn’t make any threats.”

As the worker at the center of the rant apparently begins to walk away from the counter, the man points at her and says, “That lady needs a reality check and some Lipton Ice Tea because that is not acceptable.”

At this point the child has run out of emotional resources and succumbs to the embarrassment, burying his head in his father’s lower back. Just in time for him to start up again — this time, insulting the woman’s intelligence. The man tells her he is a university graduate, while she probably only has a high school diploma.

Cooper, the man who uploaded the footage to YouTube, said the Post Office staff did eventually call the police to respond, but the man had left.

Watch the video below.


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