Sashimi Fish Returns to Life…On Dinner Table (Watch)

fish comes back to life on dinner table

*So its just you and Bae, finally. The kids are over at Nana’s house. Y’all have the entire evening planned. A cocktail first, then dinner and dessert, then, stuffed to the gills, stretch out on the couch just long enough to watch ‘Empire.’

Then get to the good stuff.

So first things first. Bae asks, “Whatchu want for dinner, boo? You say Salmon, asparagus, and some mashed potatoes. Then ice cream, Rocky Road.

Wow! Dinner didn’t take long to whip up at all! And the fish looks fresh.

“Wait! Bae, did you see that. That mofo’s fin just moved!”

“Nah, boo. You tripping!”

“No I’m NOT. Watch! That damn thang’s fin moved, I’m telling you!”

“C’mon man, You….OH SWEET JESUS! IT JUST JUMPED OFF THE PLATE! The DEAD fish just jumped off the plate!

Needless to say, the evening is a bust. I mean, who’s hungry after that?

But in all seriousness, you know this fish has got to be suffering. I mean, its body is skinned…Look at it. What do you think it would say if it talked? ‘Cause its looking like its got some choice words on its mind.

It’s all in the eyes.

Watch for yourself in the video below. Hysterical!


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