What…Seven People Sleep in This Bed?

bed for 7

*Whatchu talkin bout, Willis… might be the first thought of someone reading this. But according to one Texas couple, the fact that they have combined two beds big enough to sleep all seven of them, presents no problem at all.

Nope. Not even with sex.

According to Elizabeth and Tom Boyce, “Sex doesn’t have to be in a bed.”

Well! Do continue…

The furniture comes from IKEA, and it has allowed for compartments that sleeps all 5 of their children.

And back to the sex thing, the couple shrugs and adds the children often wander into their bedroom anyway.

Close your mouth.

The image of the custom bed was posted on Facebook, and went viral.

“Suddenly 175,000 people are discussing my sex life,” Elizabeth, 35, wrote on the couple’s blog.

If you’re wondering what on earth would inspire a couple to do something like this, you wouldn’t be alone. Elizabeth and Tom, 44, are campers who travel frequently. The all sleep together in a camper when on the road, so that’s where they got the idea. From a camper bed.

And you can’t beat the price. The couple added $77.50 to the two Kura beds they bought, to make the necessary modifications.

Got kids? Need more space? Head over to the couple’s blog for instructions on how to build your own family bed.


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