This Woman Glued Her Eye Shut With Crazy Glue!

Don't try this at home!!!
Don’t try this at home!!!

*Between my contact lenses and my seasonal allergies, I use eye drops almost daily. I certainly grab them when something blows up into my eye. I can’t imagine my reaction if a friend mistakenly grabbed Crazy Glue and handed it to me, answering my request for Visine.

That’s what happened to Katherine Gaydos of Lantana, Florida, after a piece of debris from a leaf blower blew into her eye last week, television station WPBF reported. She asked a friend to retrieve her eye drops from her purse, but she returned with a small bottle of the type of glue that’s used to apply artificial nails or tips.

Since this all happened in the great state of Florida, there’s only one thing I can say about all of that:


“As soon as I felt it in my eye, I felt it burn, and I closed my eye and screamed ‘Call 911,’” Gaydos told WPBF-TV.

Those screams for help didn’t get Gaydos very far.  Eight days later, her eye was still stuck shut and very painful. Gaydos told WPBF that she’d been treated at the Palm Beach Eye Center with an ointment and antibiotics, but had been denied further treatment that would reopen her eye and, potentially, save her eyesight. The single mother of two had neither health insurance nor the money to pay the doctor.

Girlfriend, have you ever heard of the Affordable Care Act? YOUR EYE IS GLUED SHUT!!!!

Gaydos said after the story hit the air, the doctor’s office called her back in (I guess they did!), and a different doctor got her eye open and scheduled a future appointment to scrape (OUCH!) the remaining glue off her cornea. She expects — prays?? — to have no permanent damage or loss of sight.

The Palm Beach Eye Center was unavailable for comment to EUR, but told the Huffington Post they were unable to comment on a patient without a medical release.

So the morals to today’s story? Wear goggles or protective eyewear when blowing leaves. Store your nail glue away from your eye drops. Take advantage of the Affordable Care Act if you need it. And keep your “friends” out of your purse!

This blog was written by the bespectacled tweeter and freelance writer Michael P. Coleman.

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