Delaware Psychiatrist Killed By White Male, 21, Who Was ‘Obsessed With Her’

Dr. Caroline Ekong and Christopher Frick
Dr. Caroline Ekong (L), her home (C), Christopher Frick (R)

*Nobody is sure why this happened. But they certainly have pieced together how it did. Apparently Christopher Frick, a 21-year-old who by no stretch of the imagination looks anything less than someone with a serious mental problem, developed an obsession with Dr. Caroline Ekong, a 55-year-old psychiatrist , and killed her at her place of residence yesterday.

According to a video report referenced below, Frick went to Ekong’s home in the Sanford Ridge section of Hockessin, Delaware, and stabbed her repeatedly after an initial altercation. And hours later, this is where the psychiatrist’s daughter found her, near the front door, as she had succumbed to her injuries.

According to ABC, Frick called 911 a half hour later and admitted to the killing.

It might be easy (yet erroneous) for someone to assume that, because the word “obsession” is being thrown around  in the video, that Frick had an unhealthy adoration for Ekong. But in the video it is reported that he once stated something about her “huge ego” — and there is nothing loving in that tone.

Ekong practiced at the Rockford Center and there is no confirmation that Frick was ever a patient there. But according to the report,  “three years ago ‘something happened’ and the pair had a ‘professional interaction.'”

No one believed they had any contact since that time.

The report says Ekong was clueless about Frick’s obsession with her.

Frick was arrested in the Autumwood section of town, at the home of his parents.

During the ongoing investigation, an online review of the Rockford Center had a post by a Christopher Frick. The post made disturbing comments about the psychiatrist saying,

“The person who imprisoned me was Caroline Ekong, whose ego is so large that she would never be able to admit that she was wrong.”

Caroline Ekong

Watch the ABC video news report here.



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