Man Accidentally Kills Friend At Club, Then Posts Online Photo to ‘Throw Us Off’

friend killed accidentally

*This is a tough one folks. Our people are not only getting killed, we continue to kill each other at a rapid pace. An overabundance of guns and lack of accountability, gang affiliation, plain carelessness continues to equal somebody or bodies ending up dead.

Why would being kicked out of a nightclub by a bouncer entice 26-year-old Dalone “Smack” Jamison to leave the club, then come back and unload his weapon chamber into a crowd of innocent people?

But that’s what he did. And in the process, accidentally gunned down his friend, who was the mother of a three-year-old boy, along with two other women.

Adding insult to injury, Jamison obviously freaked out when he learned who he had hit, because he immediately posted a photo of himself with that female friend at a club…weeks earlier. He captioned it:

“What’s goin on in these streets smh hope lil sis ok I would loose it if not.”

The tragedy took place in front of a Flatiron District club. Walikque Faussett, 24, was shot in the back and taken to Bellevue Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries at approximately 5:21 a.m. the next morning. The two other women, Deborah Raji, 30, and Lauren Rondat, 25 were listed in stable condition and later released.  

Wally Faussett, Walikque’s father, was livid when he saw the photo online. A group of people had identified Jamison as the shooter and with the photo, taken two weeks prior, he was trying to create an alibi.

“You should’ve been a victim,” Wally Faussett said. “The bullet should’ve ricocheted off something and came back and hit you in the head.”

The online community was not kind. Jamison received death threats and responded to posts angrily:

@smackdadyme If this is yall way of trying to take me out work harder then that make it believable dick heads … Rest up baby girl I’m off this nasty

girl killed accidentally by friend in club

social media post, man accidentally kills friend at club

But when the police approached Jamison the following day to place him under arrest, his story had changed. He claimed he never meant to shoot her.

Jamison has been charged with murder, two counts of assault and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

RIP Walikque Faussett.

Source: NY Daily News

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