‘Excuse Me’ Says Paramedic Bride, Who Leaves Her Wedding to Help Crash Victims

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*Now that’s commitment. Well, maybe not to the groom, but to your work, for sure. What you are looking at is a bride running down the highway, in her wedding attire, to help rescue people who were in a car crash.

Only moments after saying ‘I do’ – Sarah Ray of Tennessee was still at the church when she responded to an emergency call about a collision. To make already bad matters worse, the collision involved members of the brides family.

Turns out her father and grandparents had gotten into an accident while on their way to the reception.

Both Sarah and her husband are paramedics, and with them both rushing to the scene, he had his tux on, the only information they had was that the car was totaled. They didn’t yet know the extent of any injuries.

Once they got there, they were glad to learn the injuries were minor. The grandmother and bride’s father were taken to the hospital to nurse bruises from the air bags and car seats. The grandfather escaped injury.

After things calmed down, it was the new groom’s mother who actually snapped the photo of the bride at the crash site. The grandmother felt so bad, according to USA Today, and apologized for ruining the couple’s special day. But the bride didn’t see it that way at all.

“I think the photo is great,” Ray said. “It definitely makes for a memorable wedding. I hate that the actual accident had to happen, but everyone is going to be OK, so we can kind of laugh about it now.”

Is it any surprise that a photo of a woman running down the highway, in her wedding dress, with EMT trucks behind her, has gone viral?

The pic garnered over 12,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares. Some are calling Ray a hero, but she says she was just doing her job.

“It’s not heroic. That’s just what we do every day, and it was family,” she told USA Today. “I believe any other first responder would do the same thing. It just happened that I was in a wedding dress,” the bride said.


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