Because ‘I’m Chipped’ — My Owner and I Reunited After 5 Years

"Baxter" and his human, Craig Kline
“Baxter” and his human, Craig Kline

*Hi, I’m Baxter, and I am out of breath and can’t contain myself because I am SO excited!

I got my human back! I got my human back! And he’s fixed.

No, not like doggie fixed, silly. People fixed. Boo-Boo fixed.

OK, here is what happened almost 6 years ago.

My human and I were just driving…well, he was driving and I was just sitting in the back. And then all of a sudden WHAM! A big, horrible noise happened and my human didn’t say anything.

I could see he was in trouble. He didn’t move even after I licked his face. It got really, really, dark and I ran away ’cause I was scared and hungry.

A long, long, long time passed and a lot of scary things happened to me.

And then one day, this really nice human saw me. I was just sitting and resting. I was so tired of running from those ugly coyotes. I even almost got hit by a car a lot of times.

I let the human pick me up and carry me to a safe place. And then guess what happened? MY human came back. Fixed! And I licked his face and he laughed and wet stuff came out of his eyes.

Yuck! It was salty. But I didn’t care. I was SO happy to see my human!

And now we are home, safe and sound.

I love my human and I’m so glad he is fixed! Watch us do “the happy dance” as we play together in the video below.

REMEMBER: It’s important to have your pet “chipped.” It’s the most cost-effective way to ensure your pet is reunited with you in the event of a separation. For more information on how to get your pet chipped, contact your local veterinarian.

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