Butt-Injection Death of Bronx Non-profit Executive Ruled ‘A Homicide’

Blanche Barnwell
Blanche Barnwell

*While it may still be somewhat shocking, the extent some women will go to just to have a larger derriere … women are continuing to lose their lives because of botched butt-injections by unprofessional, back-alley, self-proclaimed medics who promise the work for a lower cost.

One victim of such an injection is Blanche Barnwell, a 40-year-old executive of a non-profit organization, who was found dead at her Morrisania apartment on Aug. 4, according to a police report.

Now her death has been ruled a homicide, which police are still investigating.

“Her sister was hysterical in the hallway when she found out,” said a neighbor describing the scene when family and emergency workers were in the building together as the woman was discovered.

A woman who lives across the hall said she saw her neighbor the night before and that Barnwell’s family was in the building when emergency workers found her.

“Her sister was hysterical in the hallway when she found out,” said the woman, who would only identify herself as Cheryl. “The niece and her cousin and her family were sobbing. They were screaming and hollering.”

Julie Bolcer, spokesperson for the office of the Medical Examiner, said Barnwell’s death happened as a result of an embolism caused by “cosmetic silicone injections” of the buttocks, and that the death was ruled a homicide last month.

Inez Segarra, a BOOM!Health spokeswoman, said the organization was shocked by Barnwell’s death.

“She was a wonderful individual,” she said. “Everyone loved her. When we learned about her death, the entire organization was in total shock.”

She said Barnwell had been promoted only a few weeks before she died.

No arrests have been made to date, cops said.

Watch the video report directly below.

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