Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Offers A Year ‘Paid Leave’ for New Moms and Dads

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*Wow! Who said there are no rich people doing good deeds for regular folk? Yes, there could be more of ’em, but as Dr. Martin Luther King always said, “We ain’t gon’ worry about that now!”

Recent news from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are giving new moms and dads reason to jump for joy. An announcement on Friday by a spokesperson from the Foundation announced they would offer up to 52 weeks of paid parental leave to new parents during the first year of the child’s birth or adoption.

“Our new parental leave program will offer up to 52 weeks of paid time off for both mothers and fathers during the first year of a child’s birth or adoption,” said Steven Rice, the foundation’s chief human resources officer, in a statement shared by the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

The Foundation says this move is right in line with their mission. “This will enable parents to participate more fully in their children’s lives while also allowing them the flexibility and financial certainty to meet the needs of their growing families. Ultimately, our parental leave program is focused on healthier babies, parents who are able to thrive professionally, and strong and resilient families.”

Currently, employees are only given a required 12-weeks parental leave, without the threat of losing health benefits and their jobs.

Add to the already extraordinary Family Leave announcement, another unprecedented move. The Gates’ foundation will also offer unlimited vacation to all of its 1, 382 employees.

According to Rice, “We have also announced that employees will be able to take unlimited time-off without concern about their accrued sick leave or vacation, returning to work more focused and able to take on the foundation’s boldest aspirations.” 

These announcements by the Gates Foundation is sure to place other companies under more scrutinous eyes. It is or should be, a well-known fact that a happy employee is a more productive employee.

And the Gates’ are proving that they care for their employees in the best way possible.

Kudos to Bill and Melinda Gates and their board members!

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